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Dirty Dozen & Clean 15 – How to make Organic easier and cheaper

Does organic genuinely offer healthier nutrients, or is it just a marketing ploy to hike up prices? @Nutrition_with_Lillia What does “organic” mean?Mass production conventional fruits and vegetables are often heavily doused in pesticides to prolong shelf life, kill weeds, combat pests and molds. These chemicals, applied up to 20 times, can disrupt hormonal balance, exacerbate … Read more

Why your New Year’s Resolutions will fail

How to plan for success + tips on how to make lasting changes @Nutrition_with_LilliaEat healthily. Exercise more. Lose weight. Reduce stress.How often have you said this to yourself as the New Year rolls on?We are notoriously bad at setting goals and sticking to them. While our resolutions come with positive intentions, they can often lack accountability.  Keep reading … Read more


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