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Programme Includes

  • 8-week programme*
  • 1×75 min initial consultation online
  • In depth health & lifestyle assessment
  • Creation of a personalised nutrition & lifestyle plan
  • 1×15 min call 3-5 days post receipt of plan to answer any questions (if required)
  • 1×45 min follow up consultation online
  • 1×20 min progress call 
  • Analysis of food diary
  • Recipe ideas and handouts (where appropriate)
  • Supplement plan targeted to your health (if required)
  • Current medication and nutrient interaction evaluation (if applicable)
  • Review of any current blood results
  • GP referral where needed
  • Recommendations on functional testing (if required, charged separately) 
  • 10% discount on supplements ordered 


Maintenance programmes and further follow up consultations, for ongoing support, can be purchased on request
*All appointments must be carried out within 10 weeks unless otherwise agreed

Available Testing

Functional and DNA testing can be carried out with my private laboratories to assess nutritional imbalances and inform personalised nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to support your health. These options and costs are additional to the programmes and can be discussed during your consultations where we can explore specific testing tailored to your needs.*

Functional Testing

Examples include: FBC (Full Blood Count), vitamins & minerals, full thyroid panels, hormones testing, adrenal stress test, homocysteine, cholesterol and further heart health markers, bone turn over test, Omega 3: 6, Liver & Kidney function, HbA1c and fasting insulin.*

Comprehensive Stool Analysis

Investigates the health of the gut alongside how you digest and absorb your food. The gut is the root of all health as ‘you are what you absorb’. Gut health has a profound impact on all aspects of health.*

DNA Testing

Our DNA is what makes us unique and variations can have a significant impact on our health and wellbeing. Example reports include: hormones, detoxification and methylation to help you learn how your genetics and their interaction with your environment influences how your body functions. This often shines light on missing pieces of the puzzle in health and allows a truly unique personalised approach.*

Vaginal Microbiome

Accurate analysis of vaginal microbiota abundance, key for female and reproductive health. Disruption of microbiota is linked to: bacterial vaginosis (BV), premature delivery in pregnant women, infertility, miscarriages and increased risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).*


To get a clear picture on your hormone status and how you metabolise and detoxify hormones from your body.*

*Interpretation of functional tests is charged at an additional fee. Results are either delivered during a consultation from an existing package or as a one off consultation additional to the package. A written report interpretation report is also supplied.


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