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For many women their symptoms have become their new ‘normal’ and it’s hard to imagine what feeling ‘good’ again is like. 

You may have irregular periods or no periods at all. Are you struggling to fall asleep? Or feeling tired and bloated? Are you having difficulties losing weight and don’t know why? Do you feel anxious, stressed or depressed? You may be worrying about a range of symptoms, meaning you are anxious about your health and how your body is acting.

My practice allows women to explain their personal journey. I make time for you to feel heard and reassured, that you are not alone and that together we can improve your symptoms.

That is why I have created personalised nutrition and lifestyle programmes tailored to your individual needs. Think of it as a health toolkit adapted to your symptoms as you travel through this journey towards full health.

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My natural women’s health packages

I offer three different programmes based on the level of support you would like and what you want to achieve. Packages start at £395.


8-week kick starter programme with monthly 1-2-1 support, for those wishing to gain an overview and start a personalised plan. 

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10-week complete programme with plan adaptations, fortnightly 1-2-1 catch ups and email support, for those wanting more accountability and support on their health journey.

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12-week ultimate programme with regular plan adaptations, fortnightly 1-2-1 appointments, email support, food planner and shopping list guide. Great for those who have more complex symptoms.

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    What clients say

    Lillia is kind and empathetic with a wealth of nutrition and lifestyle knowledge. My dietary and lifestyle plan gave me increased energy, decreased sugar cravings and a regular period for the first time in years.

    Bec, 25

    For the past 3 years I thought I had tried everything to tame my hormonal cystic acne, until I saw Lillia. My skin is now the clearest it’s been since puberty, my anxiety has decreased, energy levels improved and even lost weight (happy by-product)! I can’t thank Lillia enough, the impact nutrition has had on my quality of life and confidence is amazing.

    Sarah, 35

    I was frustrated that the doctors couldn’t figure out why I was exhausted, anxious and not sleeping well. Lillia is very knowledgeable and provided me with a plan that not only alleviated my symptoms but through functional testing discovered I actually have an autoimmune condition, I was so relieved to finally know what was wrong with me and get my life back.

    Hannah, 52


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